Top Five High Potassium Foods

High Potassium Foods
High Potassium Foods

Potassium is a mineral which plays vital role in our body. The sign of potassium is denoted by “K”.To increase the potassium content in human body one must consume potassium rich diet in his/her daily life. Potassium maintains electrolyte, fluid balance and keep nervous system to function properly.  Deficiency of potassium is known as hypokalemia and leads to fatigue, muscular cramps, irritability and hyper tension. Recommended daily intake of potassium is 4700 mg per day.

The foods which are rich in potassium are listed below:


Potatoes white, red or sweet are best source of potassium in any form. Potatoes provide 900 mg of potassium. But keep in mind it should be eaten in baked or boiled form rather than fried. Other than potassium potato is good source of vitamin B6, vitamin C and good source of fiber.


All types of beans lima beans, pinto beans, white beans and red beans are rich source of potassium. One cup of beans provides 600mg of potassium. To find more ways to add potassium into your diet add red beans into your salads and meals. Beans are also high in fiber. Gives the feeling of satiety.


Whenever we talk about source of potassium, banana comes to our mind. No doubt it is the best source of potassium and each banana provides 400 mg of potassium and total 109 kcal.It is low glycemic index food because of it it prevents from hypoglycemia.  Banana is high energy snack which provides vitamin B6, Vit. C and fiber.


Avocado is not a staple food but we should add it into our grocery list. This nutrient dense food provides 975 mg of potassium. It contains a lot of heart friendly fats such as omega 3 and omega 6 and they are free from cholesterol and have very minute quantity of sodium. It is versatile and one can add into any meal.


Rejoice: Fish provides 10% of daily potassium requirement. Certain fish like Salmon, Tuna, Trout, and Flounder are better source of fish than others. The 3 ounce of salmon fish provides around 500 mg of potassium. Make sure to select that variety of fish which is with no mercury. Because mercury content increases the risk of oxidation in the body.

Other sources of potassium include dairy products, green leafy vegetables and dried tomatoes. They fulfill average daily requirement of potassium if taken in adequate amount. Toxicity of potassium is rare but if it happens it leads to renal failure because of electrolyte imbalance.

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