MSI Afterburner CPU Temperature

MSI Afterburner Beta
MSI Afterburner Beta

MSI Afterburner is a free software used to overclock GPU (all kinds of MSI graphic cards). You can control different functions of graphic cards and monitor them on your screen while playing high graphic games.

You can also check CPU temp by cores and clock speeds. There are a lot of functions that you can monitor but CPU temp is very important. When you overclock your GPU, both CPU and GPU temp increase. If you don’t monitor it your System may crash or GPU may stop working. Though today’s GPUs are best in auto shutting down but you need to optimize the CPU temp to a safe level by adjusting .

Lets talk about how to monitor and adjust MSI Afterburner CPU Temp.

  • First of all download the MSI Afterburner from any trusted publisher. you may download all versions from here.
  • Make sure to check RivaTuner satistics server. RIVA TUNER STATISTICS
  • Follow the steps and install MSI.
  • You will be show RivaTuner installation options too select them and install.
  • Allow shortcuts for RivaTuner.shortcuts to Rivatuner
  • After, when installation is completed open MSI Afterburner click on Settings button and creat hot keys for onscreen display.
  • Now click again on Setting button on MSI After and click on Monitoring. There are so many option that you can monitor. Select whatever options you want in our case I will select CPU and GPU temp.CPU TEMP
  • Now open any game while MSI Running in the background. Don’t stop MSI.
  • You will be able to see CPU and GPU Temp at the right top corner of your game screem.
  • You can control your onscreen display by using RivaTuner options and you can reposition your CPU and GPU Temp where ever you want on the screen.

That’s all enjoy the world of gaming. Good luck….!

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