I Need a Post Office Near Me – What Is the Best Way to Find One?

” VISTA NEEDS! USPS OFFERS ME FREE GIFTS! ” That’s the tagline for an announcement by USPS chief mailing officer Frank Krups, who is on a trade mission to promote the institution of ” postal service near me“. Frank was speaking at a recent trade association conference in Las Vegas, trying to drum up business for the postal service to serve everyone, not just some of our corners.

“Postage rates are too high. I get five dollars a piece, but when you add the stamps, handling, shipping, etc., it’s well north of eight dollars a piece. It costs me a lot of money to service my home near the Post Office, even though I live near it. I think I’m being ripped off,” says Frank. “I want a postal service near me that serves all of my areas. I want a center near me where I can get my mail whenever I need it, without waiting in line at the post office.

“To date, no one has come forward with a solution to provide this service to me. I have been trying to consolidate my mail at the post office near me for years, but they won’t take my package unless I pay extra fees. I want a company that will allow me to combine multiple packages into one shipment, without me paying extra fees for that service. Otherwise, I’m stuck having to take delivery of multiple shipments by driving all around town, which is a very tedious process. USPS near me can also provide the service at its best for loyal customers like me.

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