How to Reduce Stress Using Home Remedies?

Laughter Therapy for Reducing Stress
Laughter Therapy for Reducing Stress

Stress is a mental health issue that causes anxiety, depression and high blood pressure. There are variety of ways to reduce stress, but natural remedies are best because they don’t have any side effect as such. Some effective home remedies for stress are listed down, hope they will help you out in coping with stress.


Exercise, undoubtedly, is a vital ingredient to have a sound and healthy life. Exercise is an ideal physical activity that boosts up the endorphin level which is a happiness hormone. In addition, it also helps in body and brain coordination which sharpens the body’s ability to respond quickly. Furthermore, exercise helps in body tuning and weight loss, consequently, leading to higher self-esteem and confidence. Thus, exercise helps you to be happy by secreting happiness hormones and increasing self-esteem.

Meditation and Sleep

Meditation, rather mindful meditation is a practice that has been practiced for many centuries is a proven way to reduce stress. It helps you to improve your chronic pain which is backed up by many researches too. When you are mindful and know about your current situation, you can get a perfect sleep. Sleep (8 to 9 hrs), ultimately, leads to a stress-free life. Thus, we can say that meditation and sleep help to cope with stress.


It is very hard to deal with your sadness when you are an introvert. At that time, you can take help of note taking. Jot down your feelings on a page and it will help you to get relaxed and your feelings won’t get bottled up.

Time Management Strategies

Everyone of us get stressed out when we have to meet important deadlines which happens quite a lot. If you have such an issue, manage your time accordingly by setting a flexible timetable. In this way, you will meet the deadlines and won’t freak out too.

Laugh, Spend Time with Family and Friends

Whether you are watching a comedy show or is enjoying cartoon you might laugh out loud. You might have noticed, while laughing you forget all your tensions and worries. It is because laughter releases stress and is known as stress-relief medicine. Additionally, physiotherapists have now come up with different techniques for stress relief, one of them is laughter therapy which does miracles and improves the immune system as well.

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