How to Install WordPress on XAMPP?

installing wordpress on xampp
installing wordpress on xampp

XAMPP is used for developing your PC as a local server. This is done, so as to test your work locally. You may test your development on your own PC e.g; you may test your WordPress site locally for secured work.

For this purpose you need to install WordPress on your XAMPP. This can be painful task for beginners. So This article will help you to this task very easily.

Download xampp and install it on your PC. A complete guide will help you to install and configure XAMPP and its features correctly on Windows by using guide on the above site.

Apart fromt this the site will help you to completely install and run xampp on 32 bit architecture and also the download link for xampp 32 bit. Just enjoy the download.

Here we will discuss thoroughly how you will be able to install WordPress on your XAMPP on Windows. So let’s start.

  • First of all download the latest version of WordPress form Then go to htdocs folder in your xampp folder. You may find the folder in partition C under the XAMPP folder.
    Create a folder inside htdocs, name it and extract the downloaded WordPress there.
  • Second step is creating a database for WordPress. For this step you need to run XAMPP and then next to MySQL row click on Admin. Then click on database and name it and click on create.
  • Thirdly, you will have to install WordPress locally. Remember you may access your test site by using
    This folder name is the one that you have entered while extracting WordPress in htdocs folder.
    Simply install WordPress normally until you reach the database details:
    Database Name = Name of the database you created in PHPMyAdmin
    Username = “root”
    Password = leave blank
    Then finish the installation. This is how easily you have installed WordPress easily.

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