How spam score checker work?

spam score checker

Spam score checker is an online exclusive tool that was developed by the Moz back in 2015. It is a tool that is free to use and consists of a rating system that predicts the chance of any spam on a website. This tool is made up of 17 spam flags where each flag corresponds to a specific spam indicator as defined by the Moz’s research team.

It makes sure that your important emails have landed in the right folder. And excludes any message link or email that is spammy.

How does it work?

It functions in a pretty simple way and is a straightforward tool. It has 17 diverse spam flags and spam score simply uses Moz’s own Moz Index to find and analyze the subdomains for these 17 flags. Whenever it finds a spam flag, a specific number is added to the subdomains spam score. And in the final stage, the spam score is then assembled by adding together all the individual spam flags of a given subdomain for a total of 0 to 17. If the score is higher it means that it is more likely to be spam and if the score is low it ultimately shows the degree of being a spam.

Email spam checker works in following four ways.

  1. Testing validation
    In testing validation, they check whether an email has been sent form an authentic source or not. It is to avoid receiving a minimum number of spam emails.
  2. Runs your IP/domain through blacklists
    In this section, the email spam checker legalizes if any blacklist mentions your email domain or not.
  3. Runs a Spam Assassin check
    It primarily works as an email spam filter, either work independently or in addition to the other spam filtering programs.
  4. Checks email content
    One of the major works of email spam checker is that it checks the use of the word in the email to avoid any spam.

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