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Features of the Taken Over City Vegas (Vegas Crime Simulator)

In this article we are going to see some best features of Vegas Crime Simulator, pay your attention & read with great focus. The features are being discussed below related to Grand Theft Auto 5.

The best feature that is the Arcanum of its high rank, is the Graphics and Smooth gameplay make this game a desire to be downloaded in mobiles. The graphics contain with 4 qualities that’s option is available in the button of Setting, included LOW, MID, HIGH and ULTRA. The graphics/ color starts moved on the high level according to the qualities. The low intensity has been placed by default.

Another two features are determined after the new exciting update on July 15, 2016, is View distance & Traffic density. View distance is commonly set to see sights from near or far. You can manage it easily from setting option distance vise and Traffic density is placed for the purpose of traffic on road. A condition is required here if you have the ability to drive a car or ride a bike in such kinda traffic so you can manage it according to yourself.

Vegas crime simulator

Vegas crime simulator

As you ride a bike and fly a helicopter in GTA 5 APK for android, now in Vegas Crime Simulator you are allowed to ride a bike and fly a helicopter by stealing. In this criminal game, stealing a bike is easy but the helicopter to steal is much difficult to steal because the helicopter you steal from is the terminal of soldiers where the Panzer is also stored. For stealing helicopter and Panzer you must have any weapon to kill them first after that it will be easiest to get into Helicopter and fly or drive Panzer. Whenever you get into the helicopter, particular buttons will be provided the interface through which you will be able to handle Helicopter during flying easily. In the helicopter, the fires and bombs are automatically loaded but in panzer, only the bombs are loaded, not the fires because the function of fire isn’t given.

Being the member of shooting game, you guys can buy various type of massive and Common weapons based on attack speed and damage, you can buy clothes, superpower stunts, can be called gadgets, those help you in flying like Superman, you can be robot and climb on walls of Building as well as damage things by hands and superhero landing style. The particular Ammo is required according to Rifles, Guns & Repeaters. To buy these all things… Money and Diamonds are postulated.

The money & the diamonds will be earned through various quests to complete. Its mean is that for earning money and diamonds to shop things you guys have to complete Missions and by killing anyone. The missions, given in shooting game are associated with GTA 5. The tasks attuned to the mission should be performed, after completing mission the Awards of Money and Diamonds will be transferred into your account.

Updated: November 1, 2018 — 8:49 pm
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